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How does therapy work? My philosophy

I believe my role as a therapist is to facilitate safety, creativity and a collaborative give-and-take.  This enables you, the patient, to look at past and present difficulties within the context of a new and potentially transformative relationship.  I work to create an environment where you can get to know and tolerate knowing many parts of yourself.  I approach this task with sensitivity, curiosity, humor and warmth.  

I am a psychoanalytically trained therapist who is  actively involved in the treatment relationship and process.  My approach is energetic, compassionate and practical.  I strive do what works for each individual patient, so I pay attention to the unique wishes and desires that every patient brings to the treatment room.  

I see myself as a life long learner, gaining wisdom from every patient I see at every session, and from the psychoanalytic, neuropsychological,  attachment and somatic research that is ever-evolving.  I attempt to draw from all of these areas of knowledge to provide the best possible treatment plan for each individual.  

As I have grown in the field, I see myself as less an expert and more a guide with hypotheses and a creative spirit that informs my work with you.    I encourage my patients to honestly tell me how I'm doing.   I imagine therapy as a form of art--one that begins with ideas but is ultimately open to continuous reworking and revision.  I try to avoid attachment to any preconceived notions of my patients, as I am frequently  surprised. 

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